Get To Know Your Service Technicians

Not just anyone can be an Fox Pest Control technician. We conduct lengthy interview and vetting processes for all prospective employees, and each employee hired is background checked and must pass a licensing test. We wont just tell you this – take a look under each technician below and you can see the information for yourself.

Fox technicians also undergo extensive training, both in the classroom and on the job. When your doorbell rings, you can be certain you’ll be greeting a true professional.

Don’t invite a stranger into your home – with Fox Pest Control you’ll know who is coming.

Have you ever had a serviceman show up to your home in an unmarked car, without a badge or ID, and not wearing a uniform? It’s nerve wracking to be sure. At Fox, we want to eliminate that scenario.

When a Fox Pest Control technician arrives to your home, it will be in a marked vehicled, dressed in uniform, and wearing a Fox ID badge.

We even want to show you a picture of your technician beforehand and share a little bit about him or her. Just click on any technicians photo below to learn more about them, as well as to review their state license information.

Chris L

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and long walks on the beach. During the summer I’ve been known to participate in tractor pulls at local fairs. ... more

Brandon Perkins

I was born in Daytona, Florida by the racetrack, which is where I learned to love nascar and big diesel trucks with lift kits. I am currentl... more

Bobby Fennell

I don’t like to brag, but people say I’m great at fixing cars and working with my hands. But, my experience doesn’t end there--I have ... more

Mike Masi

Some people might be intimidated by my height, but I am a gentle giant. My size does come inhandy, however, in my sports and outdoor adventu... more

Frankie Blinn

I am a people person who likes to crack jokes (so, don’t take me too seriously). I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, motorbikes, and spo... more

Matt D

I have attended Naugatuck Valley College focusing on courses in hospitality management. The customer service aspect of pest control gives a... more

Chris A

I am a sports fanatic. I played football since I was 5 and most recently played for the CT Thunder as quarterback. I have a soft spot for s... more

Darrin C

I grew up working on, and running our family owned dairy farm. I have a degree in Business Management and operate as FPC’s General Manage... more

Debbie Vines

A Connecticut native, it took me moving to Texas and back to realize that Connecticut is the place for me! I especially love Mystic, CT, and... more

Sara Langer

I am a mother, an animal lover and a vegetarian. I would love to go to Africa and study primates,but in the meantime I feed my passion for z... more

Leah D

I like to bake and make specialty pastries. I also like to dance and studied dance at a NYC ballet company. Music is also a significant pa... more


I am an Avid Outdoorsman. Enjoy rock climbing and camping. I have been happily married for 4 years. I love working on cars, looking at car... more


I have 5 years experience as an office manager and love what I do. I am married to my sweetheart of 4 years. I love rock climbing, camping, ... more